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Kenya AA. A specialty indeed.

Estate produced Kenya AA is rumored to be some of the best coffee in the world. In a matter of years, Kenyan coffee has managed to overtake its neighbor Ethiopia, which to be sure, is an amazing feat indeed, Ethiopia is the birthplace of coffee!

Kenya is strategically located geographically, lying on the Equator with the Indian Ocean on its southeast, Lake Victoria on its west, Ethiopia and oil-rich Sudan to its north, agriculturally-fertile Tanzania and Uganda respectively to the southwest and west, and war-torn Somalia to the east. In fact, Kenya is a point of entry that opens Africa to Europe, Asia and other overseas markets.

What makes Kenya AA so special?

Kenya AA is the largest bean produced, and to be clear, the name is actually a classification of coffee grown in Kenya. All Kenyan coffee is particularly notable because of the combination of strong body, winey flavor and pronounced acidity. This flavor profile, in particular, makes this excellent estate coffee an excellent fit for an espresso, cold brew iced coffee or just a regular brew.

The coffee industry of Kenya is noted for its cooperative system of production and processing of its cash crop, coffee. In fact, it’s geographical location is a major contributing factor to the domination Kenyan Coffee has in the coffee marketplace. First grown under the encouragement of missionaries, and later ramped into major production, the coffee industry centers around an open auction system. It’s rumored, and steeped in a bit of fact, that this auction system may be what has allowed Kenyan coffee to maintain its highly regarded quality.

Kenya AA. Craft roasted to perfection.

When ordered, immediately shipped, just like all of Darrin’s Coffee Kenya AA is air roasted fresh to order to ensure you’ll enjoy this treat!


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