The Best Espresso Tamper on the Market.

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Do you need an espresso tamper?

Saeco Via Venezia Espresso Machine

Saeco Via Venezia Espresso Machine

You open the box and there is an espresso tamper that looks like it was made for 50 cents. That’s the normal experience of a new espresso machine buyer.  There is a good chance that you received a cheap plastic espresso tamper with it in the box. There are widely ranging debates about espresso tamper sizes, How do you go about buying the best espresso tamper. What’s the best tamper for an espresso machine? Some advocate a light tamp with the built in tamper that is included on some on most commercial cafe grinders – this appears to be a relatively common practice in parts of Italy. Others, myself included, look for a heavy and solid tamp – about 30 to 50 pounds of pressure with a nice polish to yield a firm and smooth surface. Some of the popular lower end pump style machines such as the Saeco or the Starbucks Barista have pressurized filters and do not require tamping.

What makes an espresso tamper “good”?

The theory is that the compacted, smooth and evenly distributed great espresso machine tamper surface regulates the dispersion of the water through the grounds in a slightly slower and more consistent manner.

And then there are the tamper-less few…

Some prosumers, those that use semi-commercial units with the pre-infusing E-61 style Group Head actually suggest that no tamping be done. I’m not sure if I agree at all. That same group believes that grinding finer, and using a fully dosed portafilter allowing the shower screen and pre-infusion of the Group Head to do the “tamping”. I would think that would make for an over extracted shot of espresso.

I just like good espresso – sometimes things get waaaaay too complicated.

How should you tamper espresso?

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This is the best espresso tamper to buy on the internet for your espresso machine.

A few months back I read in a coffee forum, on Reddit I think, about this guy that purchased some really cool hand turned wood tamper made from Amboyna Burl and a base is made of Lignaeum Vitae. Both of those are beautiful, extremely hard woods. Seriously, take a look, they are amazingly beautiful hardwoods.

An issue I have with wood tampers is that they are very light in feel and take some getting used to. I need to feel that I am applying the right amount of pressure that I get from using an espresso tamper made with stainless steel. There are some barista’s that make an argument that the steel tampers aren’t made from a natural material, like wood. Last time I checked, steel ain’t wood and wood ain’t steel. They both are from the Earth… But I digress..

In short, the recommendation is to use 30 pounds of pressure on a flat surface to best tamper espresso.

Now, with all of that in mind, let’s talk about why this espresso tamper is THE BEST ONE to buy. Especially as a gift to a true espresso lover! Now I’m assuming you know what espresso is, but just in case, here’s a post where I define espresso.

This is the best espresso tamper to buy. And here’s why.

  • IF YOU DROP IT ‐ IT WILL NEVER BREAK: This espresso tamper is made from stainless steel. That means this tamper weighs over a pound.  This is a professionally made, solid unibody tamper for espresso ‐ not one of those toy tampers for instant coffee drinkers. Serious heft, for great coffee. No guarantee that if you drop it on your foot, that may break a toe. It really is that solid of tamper. I love mine.
  • 58MM DIAMETER – PREMIUM AMERICAN CONVEX DESIGN: Check the head and portafilter on your machine right now. If it’s 58mm, your espresso tamper search is over. This is the best tamper you’ve seen today.
  • GREAT COFFEE OR YOUR MONEY BACK*: This espresso tamper is so solid it has a lifetime warranty! Or if for some reason you’re unable to make better coffee in 60‐Days of purchase, return for a full refund. The only requirement is that you use Darrin’s Coffee. That’s the only way I can guarantee great coffee. So. Order Now.
  • RUST FREE COFFEE: Made from solid Food Grade Stainless Steel in a single unibody design, your espresso coffee tamper will not rust. Ever. Because, life’s too short for rusty coffee. You need to have filtered water as well. A filtered water system for any coffee machine is a must.
  • MADE FOR COMMERCIAL USE & THE SERIOUS HOME BARISTA: Fits all 58mm Commercial Espresso Machine portafilters. Plus Home Espresso machines including Quickmill, Rancilio, Pasquini, Gaggia, ECM Botticelli, Giotto/Cellini and the Breville BES840XL.