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Need a space to rent for an event?space for event rental at darrin's coffee in clermont indiana best coffee shop

Looking for a space that’s, “cool” for an open house, team meeting or any other type of “legal and lawful” (had to say that) function that you desire? I know of the perfect place. It rhymes with Karrin’s Toffee… Ha! You guessed it! Darrin’s Coffee!

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Darrin’s Coffee is the place to rent for that next event.

We have a barista onsite during your function, and either you can take care of food or let us think up something tasty with a touch of something sweet. We have plenty of seating, tables and parking to host pretty much any function. Well maybe not a Pokemon LARP event, but anything else.

We can and have hosted:

  • Pop Up Markets
  • Jewelry Parties
  • Trunk PartiesOpen House Event where Darrin's Coffee received rent for the event
  • Coffee and Code
  • Family Game Night
  • College/High School Open Houses
  • Team Meetings
  • Customer Appreciation Events

Rent out one of the coolest spaces around.

Always here, and always available. If you’re interested, feel free to email: or fill out the contact form at the bottom of this page. And oh yeah, did I mention this place is cool? Well dude, it is.