Now that we have most people in America becoming acclimated to the” Third Wave” of coffee,(if the term “Third Wave” is new to you don’t feel bad.   I recently learned the  term myself!),  now it’s time to expose you to a whole new way of drinking coffee.  Coffee and beer.  Yup.  I said it coffee and beer. Not coffee after getting hammered from beer.  Most in Indianapolis are used to craft or artisan beer you can get at places like Sun King.

Indianapolis has embraced craft beer with gusto!  Now, is the time to mix that great craft beer with artisan (craft) coffee.  It’s a no brainer to mix a craft beer with a solid espresso. My Indy Brew Chef’s Choice Espresso works great for that.  My goal is to expand the palate to marry the lighter beer with other single origin coffees.  Nothing sounds like a better marriage than a nice Sidamo or Yirgacheffe with lighter flavor.

The challenge with this beer is to match coffee flavor in a lighter beer, instead of a heavy dark beer, like porter or stout.  A number of brewmasters using coffee in their brew like to add a light-roast at the end of the brewing process.  If it works well for the average brewer,  I can only imagine what a championship Brewmonster (yeah I said it BREWMONSTER) Liz Laughlin with Rock Bottom here in Indianapolis could do with an expertly roasted single origin bean.  Look out!

I think the palate of modern beer heads might expect a coffee flavor a little more mature than office coffee.  And specialty coffee can provide those beer connoisseurs with that very taste.   To the novice, I  think it would be hard to pick out different coffee notes in batches unless there was coffee in them.  With all that being said,  Coffee ain’t  just a breakfast beverage anymore.  Not sure how good it would work to sober you up, but I have a STRONG suspicion that somebody is gonna give it a shot.  (no pun intended.)



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