So I figure I should probably post SOMETHING about coffee.  I mean this is a coffee page right?  Anyhow, I get questions all the time about whats the difference between coffee grinds.  Which grind is best for this style of coffee.  What’s the best grind for that.  So here you go.  Remember, it’s just an overview.

French Press: This kind of grind works best for a French Press because it results in larger particles of coffee. This prevents small grounds from getting in your cup once it’s pressed and poured.  Easily a great cup of coffee.  Three minutes to boil water  in a teapot added with freshly ground coffee  gets the job done.

Automatic Drip: Most people use an auto-drip coffee maker (including this guy).  A drip maker usually works best with small and medium size grounds.  That gives the coffee the best flavor. l particles of coffee to achieve it’s best flavor. The kind of filter your coffee maker uses will determine the appropriate grind. Flat bottom filters will have a courser grind. Cone filters will take a finer grind.  I have a very good friend that swears by the metal filters.  I’m a simple guy.

Espresso: Is almost the finest grind.  The very fine grind increased the flavor of the coffee (VERY STRONG FLAVOR, not caffeine content.  If you need to get HOPPED UP, get  a cup of medium roast, preferably Darrin’s Iron Roast!!!).  Because of the strong flavor of espresso, steamed milk and a bunch of sugar often make espresso the fan of the masses.

Turkish: Think teeny tiny itsy bitsy grinds.



Get yo' grind on!!!

Get yo’ grind on!!!!