Yup I said it.  Coffee roasting is a career.  Of course you know that’s true.  You’re talking to me, a Coffee Roaster! Anyway, in a trip to drop my son to school, I noticed on the school’s message board that a Career Day was in the works. I remember Career Day when I was an elementary school kid. We always saw the Fireman, the Nurse, the Police Officer, and so on. I’ve always wanted to speak at Career Day. This was my chance. This was a way I could show kids there are careers out there that exist they haven’t heard of. I tell people what I do all the time and it fascinates adults, so I KNEW kids would be excited about this!

When I first arrived, there were all of the presenters eating donuts and drinking coffee. (Sad to say it wasn’t my coffee) The presenters were all chatting discussing all of the things they had to do when they left, if this was their first time, and talking about what they did for a living. When they got to me, they asked what I did for a living. You should have seen their eyes!! Suddenly, I became the cool kid (I’ve always been the cool kid.  Because, go figure, I’m cool, but not in the Fonzi way, but a cool dude to be around.) , everyone had a million questions, so I knew the time with the kids was going to be fun. When one of the presenters learned I was Darrin the Coffee Burner, he said, “Darrin’s Coffee?  Dude, I love your stuff!” made me feel even cooler.

We went to the gymnasium for the beginning of the program, and I saw my son, he was smiling from ear to ear.  I grew a couple of more inches, I was proud. Mr. Fessler, my sons’ principal, introduced us, and then sent us to the classrooms. My son was in the first group, I talked about coffee, where it came from, how I used math to do my job, and even though I have a few degrees, with a background in Economics, anyone could do this job. The key to doing my job, or any job for that matter is that you have to do your very best, and make sure that the people you interact with know that you did your best. That’s what matters most.

I really enjoyed presenting at Career Day at Robey Elementary, a Four Star School. I was glad that Ms. Klarich, Teacher of the Year, who is always clicking away with her camera, was able to capture my Career Day experience so I could share it with you.  Take a look.





I look like a Candidate for Coffee PresidentTelling the kids how I get to burn stuff