Gonna put on my Researcher Cap on this one guys. You probably are wondering what is green coffee? Every time, without fail, I tell someone about The Grasshopper, which contains green coffee, I go into the spiel (probably like a spiel but more like a shtick but I digress) about the benefits of green coffee). Green coffee is beneficial because it contains a chemical called Chlorogenic Acid. If you click on the link, Wikipedia gives a quick and dirty explanation!

Coffee is healthy. And green coffee is downright healthier!  The results of many studies that are hanging out there nearly exhaustively discuss the benefits and antioxidant content of coffee. Some of the same studies say that green coffee helps with how our bodies synthesize glucose. So green coffee may make that donut you had with your large black coffee this morning gradually melt away. The coffee beans antioxidant and health properties are all over the place but the fact of the matter is that it’s good for you! Health benefits of this nectar adapt and morph over time based on roasting and temperature.

Roasting conditions of green coffee beans plays an important role in the formation of antioxidants in brewed coffee, which can be dietary supplements having beneficial effect to human health. Roasting coffee is a science. It smells good too!

The bottom line is that you have to ingest a heckuva’ lot of green coffee beans to get the amount of acid to make a difference in sugar absorption and ultimately, nutritional supplements are the best source of Chlorogenic acid. But drinking a drink called The Grasshopper is just a fun thing to do! And yes, you can drink this signature drink at Darrin’s Coffee Co.! See you soon.




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