One of my favorite movies of all time is Shane.  Shane is a drifter with an air of darkness.  Throughout the movie, we get the impression that there is a VERY STRONG CHANCE that  Shane was a gunslinger trying to turn over a new leaf.  In his goal to get a new lease out of life,  Shane quickly became involved in the settlers day to day activities.

The best part of the movie, however, is the end.  And this is probably one of the most debated topics of all time! Does Shane die?  Does he move on to start over yet again?

Sometimes I think I have a lot in common with Shane.  He does the best he can to make up for past mistakes, and so do I. And given the right/wrong set of circumstances like Shane, I may feel that life is stacked against me and I am resolutely determined  to believe that I haven’t been and won’t be able to make a difference.  However reality sets in, and when the sun sets, it comes right back the next day and I again I know  that I am making a difference.  How do I know I am making a difference?  I smell my coffee brewing in my little Mr. Coffee $8.00 pot, and I give thanks.  I know with everything I have that there is SOMEBODY drinking my coffee. And with each sip, if but only for a moment, they see a new lease on life and feel more empowered with every sip… Happy Trails my friends.


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