Decaf. More often than not, decaf coffee is dull, unflattering and all out “un-sexy”. Never thought sexy and coffee would go together right? But I do! Oh yeah so do Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne! Well, because I believe that “Everyone deserves to drink great coffee” I decided to try to offer as many of my blends as possible, in decaf.

This is important to point out because the average decaf option is just,plain old decaf. Take it or leave it. No bueno. So, in the spirit of sharing, these are the decaf coffee’s that I carry.

  • Decaf Guatemalan Huehue MWP
  • Decaffeinated Ethiopian Sidamo
  • Decaffeinated Mexican Terruno Nayarita Organic
  • Decaf Sumatra
  • Decaffeinated Brazil
  • Decaffeinated Colombian
  • Decaffeinated Papua New Guinea Sigri Estate Royal Select

Just to name a few. Sexy right? 😉



Decaf coffee can be sexy too.