Stay focused.  Finish what you start.  Finish strong. Go the distance. Keep your eye on the ball.  I placed stay focused first because as you take steps to grow as a person, its easy to lose focus as to why you started in the first place!  As my son works to get better at math, I tell him, “stay focused”, because I want to keep the end in his mind.  I’m almost like a drill sergeant with him.  Because to me, losing focus means failure.  I like to tell myself I’m a hard worker.  My wife says its because I don’t know how to relax.  And like most things, she’s right.

You’re probably trying to figure out what this means to you.  In a recent “stay focused” talk with my son (trust me it wasn’t like it sounds), Tiffany told me that people work best when they reward themselves when they hit small milestones.  It’s funny that a coffee guy needs to learn how to relax.  But it’s true.  Dude, I need to relax.   So I am on her program now, I am learning how to relax.  Funny thing, I rewarded myself with a cup of coffee.  I relaxed.  You should too.


Remember where you came from.