Seriously, what is too much caffeine?

In my quest to find all things cool and coffee, and figure out how I can jumble it all together ,I stumbled across this app created by Jawbone ( the earphone people) called “Up Coffee”. Up Coffee is an app that helps you monitor your caffeine.

People like myself are pretty much immune to caffeine. Well caffeine actually puts me asleep, but I’m sure I’m in the minority. Long story. Sounds like I may have a problem… Whoa boy. I’ll be alright. I think.

How much caffeine is dangerous?

That’s a very fair question. A serious factor can be any congenital condition, that would DEFINITELY put you on a fast track to a very, very early retirement. 

But on a serious note, we all should monitor our caffeine as it can affect sleep patterns and a myriad of other facets of our lives. No matter how, “strong” you like your coffee, and how tasty that Darrin’s Melange really is, this is yet ANOTHER example of how too much of a good thing could hurt you. Cookies and brownies don’t count, at least the ones with raisins, I have a general avoidance of those. 

Meh. Too much caffeine will be like a couple of Red Bulls

If it was only that simple. Honestly caffeine has so many absolutely phenomenal benefits, it can feel that sleep is but a mere afterthought after a great French Press. But, I, Darrin would hate to lead you down the wrong path. Not cool. 

If you have a few minutes to watch this quick video, you’ll find that this is an app that can be useful for the coffee geek inside of you, just hanging around. The one that wants to try Kopi Luwak, but you’re just chicken enough. 

I have a few other apps that I use as well, but I’ll spoon feed you all of the tidbits of technology that helps me bring you some of the best medium and dark roast specialty coffee that you can buy in Indy, or online. I feel fairly confident in my roasting skills to make that kind of statement. 

As I mentioned, I have deep coffee app repertoire, but let’s start you off here. Check out this YouTube review!